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Blogging Quilt Festival


Amy has organised a quilt festival for bloggers.  It is dead easy to join in….all you have to do is find a piccie of your favourite quilt, blog about it and add it to the list over at her blog.

The piccie is my favourite quilt.  It is special in a few ways. …

It was a birthday pressie for The Missus.  As you know she is my favourite victim  person to make crafty pieces for.

It was the first foundation pieced quilt I’ve made…..It was the beginning of an obsession with foundation piecing and log cabins….Previous to this I’d mostly made appliqué patterns… The Chook Shed patterns were a fave (a name I’m sure Aussie quilters remember!)

I taught myself how to foundation piece.

I designed it myself from scratch.  I don’t read and follow instructions particularly well.  I tend to read skim the instructions once, then barrel along and experiment….redoing until I am satisfied with the result…..which is exactly what I did with this one!

The colours are significant to The Missus and myself.  The rainbow is in the Lesbian/Gay Pride colours.  The black represents the past.  

When I was sewing this quilt, I was recovering from operations for carpal tunnel syndrome on both hands.  Sewing helped me develop coordination in my hands again.


Comments on: "Blogging Quilt Festival" (8)

  1. I love that quilt! What an awesome present. I hope your missus knows she gets the most awesome gifts! But, she did give you that sweet little monster….but you made her that beautiful cushion too….my DH hasn’t given me any sweet monsters lately. Well, unless you count my son. But that was nearly 13 years ago, lol.

  2. Catherine said:

    I love the rainbow, you’ve got a lucky missus.

  3. Beautiful quilt — the colors just glow!

  4. I love log cabin quilts. Yours is great!

  5. Great log cabin quilt!

  6. I love the colors in your beautiful creation! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. I love the strength and vibrancy of your quilt, but most of all, I love all of the meaningful attachments that you put into it. That is what gives it heart and breath. VERY well done!

  8. Aren’t log cabins the greatest thing?! Combine that with a rainbow it’s a very pretty quilt. It reminds me of rainbow and unicorn stickers from grade school. Your Missus is lucky to be the recipient of all your crafting endeavors. 🙂

    Sorry to hear that you had to have carpal tunnel surgery. Hopefully it’s better now. My wrists tend to act up if I sew or draw for too many hours in a row. Somehow I can’t seem to do just a little bit at a time. It’s either all or nothing. LOL

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