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Pyjama Day



Gotta love a Sunday when you can sit next to your most favourite person in the known universe, watching Smallville (The Missus’ b’day pressie), sipping coffee and x-stitching.  Tis absolutely heavenly! 

Peaceful Forest is most addictive….Everything else has been tossed aside like a soggy chip while I work on this one.  The pattern is easy to follow and it stitches up FAST!  The needle goes through the pearl linen like butter.   The only thing I can compare it to is a soft evenweave…that frays…LOTS

If I keep going at this rate and don’t get distracted by anything else I will have it finished by the end of the week.  Then off to the framers it will go!  I’m lucky…..there is a great framer not far away who I’ve been taking x-stitch to since God was a girl who always does a fabulous job!

Here’s wishing you a stitchful weekend….minus the frog.  Let’s hope she is sleeping off the partying she was doing in her gum boots last night in the back garden after the rain….It sounded like a frog rave!


Comments on: "Pyjama Day" (3)

  1. Will look forward to seeing this at the end of the week then, looks lovely

  2. Beautiful! Peaceful Forest looks really nice! I may just have to find this one to stitch myself.

  3. I just got my first piece of pearl linen for a large-ish project and I love it. The needle truly does pass through like butter, and it has such nice look too! Love your Forest, looking for a finish soon.

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