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Peaceful Forest Finished


Here’s Peaceful Forest washed, pressed and waiting to go to the framers sometime this week.  This was a joy to stitch.  It would be lovely as a set of four with colours for all seasons.  I very briefly toyed with this idea….I’m a one night stand kinda gal when it comes to craft.  I use the pattern once, then go on to the next one….Which will be interesting when it comes to knitting the mittens as I’m making a pair for The Missus, too.  

There are no progress piccies for the mittens yet, as I’ve just savagely ripped back  tinked all my progress for the second time.  Sharon….Coni’s option is looking good!


As you know, I am rather partial to bags.  This is is a felted evening bag I made from wool roving and silk fabric with sequins a couple of years ago.  The handle was a scarf gone wrong.


The Missus has just got back from shopping and came back with this surprise for me…..I love it!  She said “I’m not a crafter, but I know that in craft the more gadgets you have the better.” She is an absolute sweetie and I know what I will be playing with this afternoon.


It Happens In Threes

We’ve all heard that things happen in threes…On Monday everything lined up in the Crafty Universe (which is run by the Goddess SABEL) which led to oodles of fun.

 On Monday the Missus and I decided to walk every day to increase out fitness levels to a level where we can ride our bikes without having a coronary.  It was also the first day which was cold enough to wear long pants without succumbing to a dose of heat stroke this autumn.  Later that night the Missus and I visited our favourite book shop where I found a copy of Free Range Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

 I like the way she sees knitting as being simple and complex, soothing and frustrating at the same time.  Most of all I like her “you can do it” attitude towards knitting.

 For me, knitting is like x-stitch….rhythmic and calming…..most of the time.  I won’t mention the three hours it took to teach myself how to cast on about four years ago when I first caught the bug.  That was neither rhythmic or calming…..Ask the Missus….she was with me through every agonising minute….The poor woman had little chance of escaping as we were living in an isolated town with only 100 people in it….It is hard to run and hide from the temporarily insane wannabe knitter who was making macramé instead of casting on when it is ten o’clock at night, there are only five streets in the town and drop bears abound!

 Those three seemingly ordinary incidents on Monday led to me digging through my knitting box looking for inspiration.  What I did find was two hanks and a ball of yarn I used to knit a shawl last year from Knitting Rules!: The Yarn Harlot’s Bag of Knitting Tricks  by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  The fact that this yarn sheds at an incredible rate even after multiple washes did not deter me…..I was going to knit SOMETHING using this yarn….therefore depleting my stash enough to purchase the same volume of obedient non-shedding yarn.  You guessed it….I’d been reading Free Range Knitter and was ready at any moment to burst into song at the top of my lungs…..”I am knitter hear me roar…With needles too big to ignore…..If I have to I can knit anything!!!!”  I’d knitted a dozen or so garter stitch scarves including a Dr Who scarf and a (mostly) moss stitch (apart from the few rows of inadvertent rib) face cloth, so I was ready for anything….even a wedding ring shawl….even though I’d not knitted for months and couldn’t find my needles!

 I knew I had to pace myself…work up to it….Danny Green had made a comeback to boxing….I could make one too!  Fingerless mittens…..I’d seen patterns ranging from solid and sensible to gothic, romantic and everything in between.  So I logged onto Ravelry and fell in yarn love over and over again. 

 I knew I had to be cautious, otherwise I’d be heartbroken and unable to look at the offending pattern ever again.  I’d been there before….A 45 year old woman jumping up and down on a pile of knitting, then falling into an inconsolable heap on the floor bawling “I CAN’T DO THIS!!!!” is not a good look….and besides that it makes Lestat nervous….That never turns out well and usually involves desperately attempting to bribe someone else to clean his tray.  

 It all ended happily when I found a basic pattern over at Craft Leftovers for ribbed mittens called Fingerless Mitten Duo…With the added bonus of a crochet pattern for the same gloves.  Learning to crochet is on my to do list this year.  I will need to give all the residents of the house (including all the animals) fair warning so they can make alternative arrangements for the time when I am teaching myself the crochet equivalent of casting on.

Blogging Quilt Festival


Amy has organised a quilt festival for bloggers.  It is dead easy to join in….all you have to do is find a piccie of your favourite quilt, blog about it and add it to the list over at her blog.

The piccie is my favourite quilt.  It is special in a few ways. …

It was a birthday pressie for The Missus.  As you know she is my favourite victim  person to make crafty pieces for.

It was the first foundation pieced quilt I’ve made…..It was the beginning of an obsession with foundation piecing and log cabins….Previous to this I’d mostly made appliqué patterns… The Chook Shed patterns were a fave (a name I’m sure Aussie quilters remember!)

I taught myself how to foundation piece.

I designed it myself from scratch.  I don’t read and follow instructions particularly well.  I tend to read skim the instructions once, then barrel along and experiment….redoing until I am satisfied with the result…..which is exactly what I did with this one!

The colours are significant to The Missus and myself.  The rainbow is in the Lesbian/Gay Pride colours.  The black represents the past.  

When I was sewing this quilt, I was recovering from operations for carpal tunnel syndrome on both hands.  Sewing helped me develop coordination in my hands again.

Pyjama Day



Gotta love a Sunday when you can sit next to your most favourite person in the known universe, watching Smallville (The Missus’ b’day pressie), sipping coffee and x-stitching.  Tis absolutely heavenly! 

Peaceful Forest is most addictive….Everything else has been tossed aside like a soggy chip while I work on this one.  The pattern is easy to follow and it stitches up FAST!  The needle goes through the pearl linen like butter.   The only thing I can compare it to is a soft evenweave…that frays…LOTS

If I keep going at this rate and don’t get distracted by anything else I will have it finished by the end of the week.  Then off to the framers it will go!  I’m lucky…..there is a great framer not far away who I’ve been taking x-stitch to since God was a girl who always does a fabulous job!

Here’s wishing you a stitchful weekend….minus the frog.  Let’s hope she is sleeping off the partying she was doing in her gum boots last night in the back garden after the rain….It sounded like a frog rave!

Hello Blogland!

They say a change is as good as a holiday…..After a week of multiple screens popping up when I clicked on my blogroll I’d had enough and decided to move over to WordPress.  I recently read that learning new things is pushups for your brain….and by the look of everything on the editing screen…..I will be giving my brain a mega work out until I am familiar with everything!

I was over at for anyone who would like to take a peek. 

Have a good weekend!